F​*​ck Off

by The Surge & SamIAm The MC

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Verse 1 (The Surge):
Your crew's close..To lose most
If..... they ever step too close
See "Rappers getting lyrically slaughtered" in the daily news post
My punchlines always get followed by lots of "ooh ohs"
While you get followed by no-one...Girls be like "Dudes gross"

Haha..and Yo.*ding ding* I'd like to hold a booze toast
To new rappers.that are out there. keep doing yous bros!
I'm real harsh on noobs yo but I respect your new flows
I might have rhymed like YOU.. Back when I was TWO. WHO knows??

I hate when dudes post on Facebook. just to boast
About owning 20 pairs of Jordans? Y'all need some new goals
I started my own business that's growing...Let's see how year two goes
While you..brag about your new clothes.."Oh yeah your..shoes...DOPE"

too cool to make doctors visits? Yall need to do those
You sweet ass rappers are sick? Go check your glucose
.......I killed this groove yo.......but as usual
Critics will say some shit like "I wish he'd use a new flow" *SLAP*

So tell everyone to fuck off! I'm genuine don't rub off
Your bullshit on me theres enough fakes that you can suck off
tell everyone to fuck off...fthey fake then they getting cut off
I'm real .Here, Grab my nuts so I can *cough* cough

Verse 2 (SamIAm The MC):
Verbal sophistication with elimination,
Demonstrating: Intimidation with Word Incineration
Haters lacking innovation/ in a lot of dey Bars,
So I'm bout to haul Marks/Hallmarks like Holiday Cards
What you need to do is.. Honor The Squad/ we never hardly swing/
Bars we bring/ Chi-Rock Nation/ Stars Are Kings (S.A.K.)
Setting the standards-for Mic Commanders- with the Tight Flows,
Homie let the Mic Go/ take notes on my Live Show
Rhyme over Vocals?! You'll get PUNCHED...you really are silly,
Watch ya lip-synching/(lip sink in) like Milli Vanilli
When it comes to the punchlines, Pon De Replay
Rappers -run out of Bars- like they heard a Wack DJ
MCs will never go &/ spit swell Bars,
The flow's so "SICK" it comes with Get Well Cards
Phuck Off! Before your family will be lyrically mourning,



released April 22, 2016
produced By SaveOne of Seven Oddities
Mixed/mastered/recorded by DreamTek of Seven Oddities



all rights reserved


The Surge Skokie, Illinois

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