Bomb 2 Heavy

by The Surge & SAMIAM THE MC

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THE SURGE (Verse 1)
I do hate you too fake..Emcees who produce a
New act every new day..Who'd you play on Tuesday
You thank that you do make..Hip hop. What you'd do, take?
5 minutes to research the topic up on YouTube? Wait!

Your produced sound is too fake...truth is, You can do great
If you stick to being you but instead you're just too fake
the worst is that You don't know what you said, till it's too late
n my battle rapping roots start poking out and they grew straight

through the heads of all these rapping noobs on their due date
I'm on a date with a 2, we'll drink till the 2's 8
oh shit i'm feeling woozy,n i've run out of shit to say
so here is my excuse "i gotta go i got a toothache"

i kick it off like liu kang in each cipher that i do mayne
i'm bout to spit a blue flame..Cuz my shit is butane
don't think so? then you playing, what the fuck are you saying
That's Sadam crazy that I thought that you were Hussein!

I'm using a new slang
You uday u kusay
That means I'ma use a
Marine with an uzay
And scream while I do spray
Sixteens right in dudes face
Badadadada How does defeat in my shoes taste?

I.....don't think that they're ready
Why....this bomb is too heavy just drop it already
but I wanna set it off so just let me!"

SamIam The MC (Verse 1)
Me & Surge on the track/ Straight/ Murder fam,
once again/we --Going In--/ like a Surgeon's hands.
Melt ya Ice Grill /with/ my tight skills,
Fuck Around/ you'll be found /on my /highlight reel.

I'm aware of my "Pets"//they're/ Scared of this "Vet"
we shutting the place down/ like Terrorist Threats
Tell the -Hotheads- they better stop/ -Scorching- my Nerves
Take 'em to the Woods/ show them the Forest Preserve //4 (pound) is Preserved)

SamIam is the mothaphuckin, Man In The Session,
Hands Up/ like u geeked to/ answer a question
Steady Conjuring// raps that scare like// The Conjuring,
find a stage/ ready to amaze/ & start conquering

Ya Honoring/the man with Melanin/ I Don a "Hue",
SamIam held more microphones than DONAHUE.
Doubting fools/ who ain't getting// live in the circle
Spit Bars like rental cars: my drive "HERTZ/hurts" you

I deserve -Cheese- for my -Kraft// son I /been a Beast,
neva simple/ this is "Heavy Mental": Killah Priest
Emceeing or Breakin'// i'm winning/ when I'm/ serving foes,
I'm a B-Boy/ **head spinning** like Vertigo

I.....don't think that they're ready
Why?....this bomb is too heavy
Right.. so just drop it already
but I wanna set it off so just let me!

The Surge (Verse 2)
A cocky dummy that's talking money like he has it
Is usually overcompensating cuz he lacks it
And he lives in his parents basement, man relax kid
I do too But at least I have some fucking assets

Your spending habits really drastic
Waste your money on renting cars when you don't have shit
Cuz you want your music video to look fantastic
I just Hope this dance move catches. I'm looking spastic

recreating classics from nineteen ninety
Eight wearing a shiny jacket with mase behind me
Great! All I need now is a record label to sign me
Wait, I saw Nwa movie, those cats are grimey

Who am I kiddin I would sign in a minute
They could take ninety percent n then times that by infinite
as long as the albums are printed..n fans are trying to spin it
I'd be cool i Dont need the dollar signs that comes with it

Cuz Every rhyme I go multisyllable with a vicious flow
If you didn't know Now you bitches know and you get to go
Tell everyone what you heard and bear witness to
The new rap god from the Northwest burbs of Chicago

I.... don't think that they're ready
Why?....this bomb is too heavy
Right. so just drop it already
but I wanna set it off so just let me!

SamIam The MC (Verse 2)
Guess who's Bizzack? Like Jordan out of Retirement...
Real HipHop: that's my kinda Environment.
The weak/ always try to compete/ NO Entitlement,
To bless the mic/ you better meet the right/ Requirements.

You can hold a -Pair of Deez (nuts)- if you acting fake & shit, making -Parodies- and acting -Weird Al Yankovic-/(Weird I'll YANK a VIC..victim). BODIES I snatch/ I BODY the track,
AnyBODY who a Hata ...well ya probably wack.

Matter fact/ I'll step foot to where ya Property at
Properly Smack/ you Hard/ & Charge/ Property Tax
Now Ur hearing what 5 fingers said to the face,
make some noise all my HipHop heads in the place.

'Kid' I don't 'Play'// I'll go to a -House Party- to spit flames,
Get fame/ -Fuck Yo Couch nigga- I'm -Rick James-.
INSANE- tactics/ put me in that bracket
the skills so -Mentally Ill- they Straightjacket (Straight jack it)

Like Psychodrama this is "Magic/ when I/ kill for fun
Other dudes/ be getting "Boos/booze" like a liquor run.
Silly -Crumbs- couldn't -wrap/rap fresh-: Tin Foil (Ten Foiled) Everything I "write" is "slick": Pennzoil//(Pen's Oil)

I.....don't think that they're ready
Why?....this bomb is too heavy
Right... so just drop it already
but I wanna set it off so just let me!" *explosion sound effect*


released January 27, 2016
produced/mix/mastered/recorded by DreamTek of Seven Oddities



all rights reserved


The Surge Skokie, Illinois

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